Explosion of the senses, quietening of the mind

I had just returned from an intense few weeks in the UK, and I needed a reset.

I bit the bullet and, at short notice, joined the Holidayswithintention group in Sanur, Bali. I had never done anything like this before.

As the days went on I experienced presence and peace on a whole new level…


I began to recognise the roles that we play and what they can both offer us and deny us. I built an understanding of how framing our expectations can often come from a place of subconscious expectations (‘I am a career woman, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a sister’). I learned to step out of these labels and respond to my expectations…to question them, not merely to react to them.

Awareness and energy

I started shifting from a place of fatigue into a state of high energy and quiet alertness… useful for my return to busy city life.


I started to trust and connect at a deeper level with those around me. The oxytocin release was quite incredible.


I learned to really listen to my own language and the words I was using. I was called to task on the overuse of certain anchor words such as ‘protect’ and ‘should’ which were setting tone for my daily activities. Now, being more aware of anchors and meaning within the language we use, I can choose how I want to feel. Actively deconstructing language also assists in understanding those around me.


I realised that time really is the most precious gift you can give someone. This week was wholly and totally the most present and heard that I have ever felt from dusk till dawn.

The laws of attraction

I learned about energies and how we are all interconnected; how our energies ‘talk’ to each other, call each other in. I learned to ask myself who I already attract and why, and who I want to attract, particularly in terms of business clients.


I afforded myself the space to just be. At times silent, at other times in deep conversation, or just tuning into the sounds around me.


As I started to really explore my inner critic and what drives me, I found myself setting different boundaries and building  assertiveness in choosing what serves me.


I became thrilled by the increasing synchronicity appearing around me on a daily basis.

It’s hard to describe a week in which so many things shift slightly. Jammed with endless ‘lightbulb’ moments, the week offered me insights, tools and the presence in my own mind to move back into my own daily life with a whole new level of consciousness.

There are still places available for you to have a holiday with intention in March and April 2020. Take this opportunity to connect with yourself and any of your family members. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.